WE CARE learning skills & Caring Characteristics of a Global Citizen

WE CARE is integral to the life of every learner in our school.

To nurture and empower our learners to contribute to a more just and sustainable world, we believe in six learning skills, five caring characteristics and our global citizenship curriculum drivers.

WE CARE Learning Skills and we use the motto ‘WE CARE’ to help us all remember them. (WE CARE about learning)

Caring Characteristics of a Global Citizen (WE CARE about each other)

WE CARE about each other… Caring Characteristics of a Global Citizen 
  • Be honest: Through WE CARE, we encourage the mindset of learning from mistakes and reflection. Honesty is an integral value of our school and will support learners to become the successful global citizens of tomorrow. Therefore, we expect honesty from all as a cornerstone in shared trust and unity.   
  • Be kind: We encourage children to be kind to others and to think of ways to solve problems which do not involve hurting others. This means that children must keep each other physically and emotionally safe and that actions that cause danger or risk to others will not be tolerated. This point is fundamental to the school’s approach to tackle and prevent bullying.
  • Be helpful: We encourage our children to understand that they come to school to learn and that it is unacceptable to stop the learning of others. We believe in ‘working together’ and supporting others to achieve, whether in lessons, in the dinner hall or on the playground. We enjoy and celebrate the success and achievements of all. 
  • Listen to others: We believe that everyone’s opinion should be heard. Everyone in our school should be treated with respect and should feel comfortable when expressing their views or opinions. We don’t always have the same opinions but will acknowledge others, attempting to resolve differences in a changemaker fashion (using enquiry skills). We encourage listening skills and behaviours outlined by voice ’21 Listening Ladder’
  • Share your time and talents with others: We value relationships in school and devote time to each other ‘working together’. This includes sharing of our talents and time to support others to improve and identify themselves within of our school culture.

Our Global Citizenship Curriculum Drivers (WE CARE about our school)

Our school is a micro-climate of our world. Through our global citizenship drivers, our curriculum allows us to study, and impact on the wider world. Concepts such as fairness, equality, self-care, diversity, globalisation and sustainability are progressively taught in every year group.

WE CARE about Excellence. 

Promoting Positive Behaviour in our school    

voice 21 Listening Ladder