Our Team

FS1/2 TeacherMrs K Oakley
FS2 teacher / Y1 Maths teacher and Phonics lead
Mrs A Jones
Y1/2 teacher / Y2 Maths teacher and School Council lead
Miss A Blair

Y3/4 teacher / Y3 Maths teacher and Maths lead
Mr E Parkinson
SENDCO, Y4 Maths teacher and Science lead
Mr A Wallace
Y5/6 teacher / Y6 Maths teacher and English Lead
Mrs A Cunningham
Deputy Headteacher, Y5 Maths teacher and Computing lead
Mr C McCarthy
Headteacher, KS2 PE teacher
Mr A Chapman

Learning Support

FS Keyperson
Mrs K Wallace
Mrs E Parkinson
Pupil Support
Mrs J Goddard
Pupil Support, German and Forest SchoolMr D Cunningham

School Site Assistant
Mr M Bell

Business Management

School Business ManagerMrs N Anders
Office Administrator
Mrs A Merrett
Office Administrator / Y5/6 Class SupportMr B Crowley

Site Maintenance

Site Caretaker
Mr M Way

Infrastructure and H&S Manager
Mr M Weston