Joining Us

Congratulations on your posting to Germany. We warmly welcome you to our caring school and encourage you to access our website and new starter information pack.

School induction brochure

We enrol children from ages 2 – 11 years (Pre-school to Year 6). Admission to MOD Schools requires Confirmation of Educational Supportability prior to a family being posted overseas. Without Confirmation of Educational Supportability children cannot be admitted.

Guide to admission process

Step 1: Please read the Educational Supportability Assessment Information Leaflet (100). This will explain the process and let you know what to expect. 

Step 2: As part of the admission process, you will be required to complete an Educational Supportability Assessment Request (ESAR) (101)

Step 3: Please email the ESAR 101 form to our Assistant School Business Managers, Mr Ben Crowley and Mrs Victoria Rhodes via [email protected] who will happily then guide you through the remainder of the application process outlined below.

Step 4: One form to be sent to your child’s current school or setting as stated below:

If your child currently attends school (Reception to Y6)  OES Form (102)

If your child currently attends a pre-school setting (including FS1) OES Form (103)  

If your child has never attended a pre-school setting or is currently home-educated OES Form 104

Step 5: Once both the ESAR 101 and relevant OES form have been submitted, our Headteacher will review the forms submitted and make an initial decision regarding Educational Supportability overseas. Confirmation of Educational Supportability Documents (if granted) will be emailed directly to parents by Mr Crowley or Mrs Rhodes. 

Additional steps which may be required: If there are any special educational needs or medical needs, then Mr Wallace (SENDCO) may either contact you or your child’s school/setting and consider what support your child may need in our location, before Confirmation of Educational Supportability may be granted. 

If your child has a significant level of special needs, has current involvement from other agencies or there are potential resource implications, then a MOD Assessment of Suitability Overseas (MASO) may be required (please see explanation leaflet below)

MASO information leaflet

Once Confirmation of Educational Supportability has been granted and arrival dates are confirmed a school tour, or home visit for pre-school (2-3 and FS1) starters can be agreed prior to starting with us.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Sennelager and our school.

Placement out of Chronological Year Group

MOD Overseas Schools & Settings Admissions (3.2.23)

Non-entitled individuals – School Fees

For non-entitled individuals our current School fees are as follows: Termly £3,370.88 / Annual £10,112.65