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Attenborough School Admission Application Form

Congratulations on your posting to Sennelager, Germany. We warmly welcome you to our incredible school which cares about excellence.

We accept children from ages 0 – 11 years (Nursery to Year 6).

If you would like to apply to our school, we strongly recommend that you contact our School Office on:  0049 (0) 5254 9822698 to register your interest.  Our team will be happy to talk to you about our school, the admissions process and any concerns that you may have about moving to Germany.

You may also download an Admission Application form by clicking on the Admissions Form link above.

Please be aware that in order to accept your child into our school, we require you to complete and return to us the following documents prior to your arrival in Germany:

1) The Admissions Form

2) Appendix 2 of the Admission Form, the Education Overseas Supportability (EOS) Form’. This is to be completed by the school/setting that your child currently attends.

When we receive and assess the information, we will then be in a position to offer your child a place at our school. This is done by the issuing of an Educational Clearance Certificate, which is required as part of your moving process to Germany and should prevent your posting if you do not have it.

If we do not receive your child’s Admission Form and EOS Form prior to arrival, unfortunately, your child will not be able to start at our school.

On arrival In Germany, please ensure that you complete the Unit Certificate of Entitlement which requires a unit stamp (Appendix 3) in Admission Form

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Sennelager and our school.

Prior to claiming the 30 hours FS1 childcare entitlement, the following is required by our school from families in order to apply for a confirmation code.

  • A letter of employment or contract issued by Germany Central (Labour Support Unit) stating that an individual will be or has engaged with at least 16 hours of paid employment per week.

A confirmation code will be required prior to the school agreeing to offer any additional ‘funded’ hours. It is also the responsibility of parents to inform the school of any change which may affect their entitlement to ‘funded’ hours in FS1. For further information regarding additional funded and paid hours in EYFS please do contact our school on 0049 5254 9822698 and click on the link below.

GOV.UK information regarding 2-4 year old childcare costs

Non-entitled individuals – School Fees

For non-entitled individuals our current School fees are as follows: Termly £3,370.88 / Annual £10,112.65