Global Citizens curriculum

The why and what?

For a more just and sustainable future – a future of their own making

As a school we are always thinking deeply about our curriculum and what our drivers are. Our curriculum is centred around 6 Broad Themes of Global Citizenship. These connect learning across the school and are progressively revisited in each year group. The 6 Broad Themes were designed in collaboration between the school and our community; drawing inspiration from Oxfam and the hearts, minds and hands of our teaching team, parents and the children. WE CARE about our future and the future of our Planet.

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Health and Happiness Making a Difference Leading the Way Our World Nurturing Nature What's Fair

Our curriculum equips our learners for critical and active engagement with the challenges and opportunities of life; and will allow them in the future to participate fully in a globalised society, and to secure a more just and sustainable world than the one they have inherited.